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Project Arcade
CD-ROM Contents

What’s on the CD

The following sections provide a summary of the software and other materials you’ll find on the CD.

All chapters

Color figures. Every chapter folder on the CD-ROM includes full color versions of the figures used throughout the book.

Web links. This book includes over 300 links to useful Websites. The companion CD-ROM includes a web-enabled listing of these links, organized by chapter. As you read the material in the book you can keep this listing up on your screen for handy access.

Shareware programs are fully functional, trial versions of copyrighted programs. If you like particular programs, register with their authors for a nominal fee and receive licenses, enhanced versions, and technical support. Freeware programs are copyrighted games, applications, and utilities that are free for personal use. Unlike shareware, these programs do not require a fee or provide technical support. GNU software is governed by its own license, which is included inside the folder of the GNU product. See the GNU license for more details.

Trial, demo, or evaluation versions are usually limited either by time or functionality (for example, some will not allow you to save projects). Some trial versions are very sensitive to system date changes. If you alter your computer’s date, the programs will "time out" and no longer be functional.

Chapter 1

Examples database. The examples database is a web-enabled listing of over 750 “Project Arcade” style projects. Clicking on a link in the examples database will launch the home page on the Internet of the project in question.

Chapter 2

Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader is needed to view certain files on the CD-ROM.

Project Arcade Plans. The design plans for the Project Arcade cabinet, based on the original design by Sean Hatfield (LuSiD).

Ultimate Arcade II Plans. These are an alternate set of plans you can use to build an arcade cabinet, provided courtesy of The Mame Room at

Chapter 3

No CD-ROM content is included beyond color figures for Chapter 3.

Chapter 4

Arcade Stupidity spinner plans. A Web based guide to building your own spinner controller from old hard drive parts, including video clips.

Gearhead Labs spinner plans. Another Web based guide to building a spinner from scratch.

Twisty Grip spinner plans. Yet another Web based tutorial on constructing a spinner from parts available at any hardware store.

Chapter 5

PacMAMEa gun hack. How to hack a Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike game pad to connect arcade gun controllers to your computer.

PacMAMEa Star Wars hack. A guide on hacking the Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike game pad to an Atari Star Wars flight yoke controller.

DDR Homepad. Instructions on creating a Dance Dance Revolution style dance pad to connect to your computer.

Jude Kelly’s Star Wars controller. A link to a Web site with instructions for hacking an Atari Star Wars flight yoke to your computer.

Twisty Grip yoke animations. Video clips of the Twisty Grip flight yoke in action.

Chapter 6

Interactive Control Panel Designer. A Web based utility for designing control panels.

PacMAMEa rotating panels. This is a portion of the PacMAMEa Web site, explaining how to create rotating control panels.

Paint Shop Pro evaluation. A 30-day trial (fully functional) of the Paint Shop Pro version 8 software used in the creation of Project Arcade.

Templates. Layout and mounting templates of different arcade controls you can use when creating your control panel. A full scale version of the Project Arcade control panel template is also included.

Yoke mounting platform. Instructions from the PacMAMEa Web site on constructing a mounting platform for a Star Wars flight controller.

Chapter 7

Starbase 74 soldering tutorial. A Web based tutorial demonstrating how to successfully solder and avoid problems.

Chapter 8

Ghost Keys. A utility by John Dickson you can use to test keyboard hacks and keyboard encoder configurations.

Keyboard hacking guide. How to hack a keyboard by Marshall Brooks (Tiger-Heli). Includes information on specific keyboards that have been successfully used in arcade cabinets.

Chapter 9

Oscar Controls DPDT switch tutorial. Instructions courtesy of Oscar Controls on how to connect a trackball and spinner to a single mouse hack using a dual-pole-dual-throw switch.

Chapter 10

Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike hack. Web based instructions from PacMAMEa on how to hack the Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike game pad to analog arcade controls.

Linux Joystick Driver. A driver for using joysticks on Linux based computers.

Chapter 11

Klipsch speaker mounting templates. To-scale mounting templates for the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers.

Virtual Music Jukebox. A trial version of a jukebox based MP3 music file player.

List of jukebox links. A web-enabled list of jukebox programs. Clicking the links will direct you to the home pages of the various programs.

Oscar Controls speaker amplifier hack. Instructions from Oscar Controls on how to use car or arcade speakers with PC-based speaker amplifiers.

Oscar Controls volume control hack. Information from Oscar Controls on how to build a remote volume control for your arcade cabinet.

Chapter 12

No CD-ROM content is included beyond color figures for Chapter 12.

Chapter 13

Dragon King. An emulator cabinet front-end program by Howard Casto.

MAMEWah. Another emulator cabinet front-end program by Steve Lilley-Hopkins.

Spybot. Software designed to protect your computer from spy-ware and other intrusive programs.

VNC. Freeware remote control software that enables you to control the computer in your arcade cabinet from another system.

Chapter 14

MAME32. The Windows GUI based version of MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

Return of Arcade demo. A demonstration version of the Return of Arcade software from Microsoft.

StarROMs Project Arcade Web site. A link to the special Project Arcade section of the StarROMs ROM selling service.

Chapter 15

Carsten’s LED tutorial. A Web based tutorial on how to connect LEDs to your arcade cabinet project.

Oscar Controls joystick graphics. Artwork you can place around joysticks on an arcade control panel, courtesy of Oscar Controls.

Oscar Controls marquees. More artwork from Oscar Controls, this time meant for the marquee of your arcade cabinet project.

Links to artwork resources. A Web-enabled list of free resources for finding artwork for your arcade cabinet project.

Links to commercial artwork resources. Another Web-enabled list of commercially available arcade cabinet artwork.

Chapter 16

Helpful Web links. Web-enabled listing of emulation and arcade Web sites and newsgroups.

Chapter 17

Arcade Depot pictures. Photos of the cocktail cabinet kit from Arcade Depot.

HanaHo ArcadeWerx pictures. Photos of the ArcadeWerx arcade cabinet kit from HanaHo.

HanaHo HotRod photos. Pictures of the HanaHo HotRod desktop arcade controller.

SlikStik cabinet pictures. Photos of the SlikStik arcade cabinet kit.

SlikStik classic console photos. Pictures of the SlikStik desktop arcade controller.

X-Arcade console pictures. Photos of the X-Arcade and X-Arcade Solo desktop arcade controllers.

Chapter 18

Project Arcade photos. Pictures of the completed Project Arcade cabinet.

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