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Chapter 2, Page 46

The mounting strips for the  Cabinet Back Angled Section are incorrectly described. The correction follows. Thanks to DennisInMN for spotting the error!

You’re getting close! Next you’ll be tackling the cabinet back angled section -- the piece that rests against the cabinet top and follows the angled back of the cabinet sides. Begin by drawing a line 3/4-inch below and parallel to the angled section of the cabinet back if you haven’t already done so. Draw another line 3/4-inch below this line. Mount a couple of 8-inch support strips midway along the second line, with the top of the support strips flush with the line. Test-fit the cabinet back angled section, checking to see if the 45-degree edge of the section fits flush with the cabinet top section (Figure 2-20). If not, consider doing a bit of fine-tuning with sandpaper before fastening the section to the support strips. The fit is not critical, as it will not be seen by anyone, but if there are gaps then light from the marquee may escape out of the top of the cabinet. If minor sanding doesn’t resolve the fit, you can fill it with wood putty, though that means you can’t remove that section later.

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